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Latest news

Updated: 2020-01-28

    Hello, all new and old fans!

        The progress of book 2, Marionetten (The Marionette), is coming along nicely. I have around 16-17 chapters all done. Another thing that is to be done for the book, is to change and update the map of Miróna a bit since it has changed during the writing.

        On another note, in April I'll finally move to another place. The apartment where I live now is claustrophobic to the point of giving me headaches.

You can buy it in a whole lot of other places. Google is your best friend. You can also find some direct-links on the book-page.

You can also buy it signed from me directly. Just email me and we'll work it out.

Only available in Swedish for now. Translation to English is in planning.

I have so many new ideas and plans! The current schedule is as follows:

     1. Write the first draft of book 2, Marionetten (The Marionette)

     2. Illustrate for the trailers


When the first draft is away, I'll start to focus on these things:

     1. Start designing new flyers and a Roll-up for the next bookfair

     2. Practice Spine

     3. Start to translate Bestulen (Stolen) to English

     4. Do more worldbuilding, plan, and structure of the series

     5. Illustrate for the surprises of the next year

     6. Design and order new business-cards and flyers

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