About Me

"I love the light for showing the way and I endure the darkness because it shows the stars. I have a voice and a story to tell. I will make you listen and understand."

- Kajsa Artifex


March 15th, 1991 (29 years old)


Mother, father, an older sister, a brother-in-law, a niece, my grandmom, a greataunt, an uncle, two aunts and seven cousins + six of their own kids


A wonderful and loving cat named Zorro, 12 years old

Favorite Music

Eurielle, Zayde WolfTommee Profitt, Within Temptation, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Les Friction, Saint Asonia, instrumental music like AudiomachineJohn Dreamer, Brunuhville, Ivan TorrentRoger SubiranaFlorian Bur, soundtracks from games, movies & tv-shows, etc.


PC-games such as The WitcherDiablo, FableMass Effect & Dragon AgeGame of Thrones. Director Tim Burton. Michael Jackson.

Photo shot by Viktoria Wigenstam


At the age of eighteen, she was published in the magazine called "GLÖD" ("EMBERS"), which was published all over the country. She wrote an article about her life with Asperger's syndrome. A year later, she was interviewed for the book "Leva med psykisk sjukdom" ("Living with mental illness") about the same diagnosis. Today she is also published in the book "Fuck Mobbning!" ("Fuck Bullying!") from Idus publishing.


Growing up in a world where she felt like no-one understood her, inspired the author to portray the many sides of society and her passion lies in using it in her work, giving her the privilege of looking critically at her surroundings and questioning standards.

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