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After a time of writer's block, things are going better with the second book Marionetten.

The name for book 4 is now the permanent one, so now all the books have names. Feels awesome!!

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So much is going on I can barely keep up!

I have had treatments for my damaged nerve since beginning of December and it feels better than it has done in years. Almost normal!

I'm also going to move to another apartment in April. Can't WAIT!!! It's a bit outside of the heart of the town where I live now. When I went to check it out, I felt so calm and could breathe a lot easier.

I have 15 chapters done for Marionetten and after a bit of trouble it's finally going smoothly again. And, on top of that, I have now a name for all the books! Name for book 4 is still temporary, but there's a good feeling about it.

Now writing!!

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Year 2019 is at an end and we're in a new decade.

Thinking about all that's happened during these 10 years is overwhelming.

Back then, I had severe bulimia, bad self-harming and was suicidal with crippling anxiety. I was bipolar, but undiagnosed so I had no medications.

But on August the 1st 2010, I moved into a grouphome and started my journey to a life with happiness instead of an empty existence. I am healed, confident, stronger and more stable than i have ever been.

I have gotten rid of people i mistook as friends, but also gained those that proved to be real ones ❤ I am really looking forward to not only beginning a new year, but also a completely fresh decade.

I love getting older because it means i'm still alive

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