When do you start writing?



What do you like to do besides writing?

Tell us some random facts about yourself!

Sure :D

  • I have nerval damage in my left arm after I fell off a horse when I was 21. The nerve was almost ripped in two and had to be sown together again. The nerve still have scartissue by the elbow so I can't ride anymore because of the lack of coordination in the fingers.
  • When I have kids, if it's a boy I will name him Nathaniel and if it's a girl it'll be Ronja.
  • The group Within Temptation have been in my life since I was 14, just as many years as I wrote on "Bestulen": more than half my life. I have seen them live three times and I never get tired of their music.
  • I got to know three of my best friends over Facebook and two of them live in Texas, United States.
  • On my bucketlist, I have as a goal to travel as much as I can. I have already been to Paris, London twice, Scotland twice (once driving across the mainland, once The Isle of Skye) The Canary Islands, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Majorca and Italy (both Venice and Rome). My dream is to go to New Zealand (already planned) Jamaica, Iceland, Machu Picchu, Australia, Pompeii, Ireland, The Netherlands ... lots of places :P