A dangerous mind

If I had known the future, would I have been braver? If I had known that the powers of Hell would be unleashed, would I still have chosen to hide?

No one knows the answer.

I was 15 years old when I crossed the threshold, and even though the action wasn’t mine to control, there’s no alternative but to learn and live by the rules created in that moment.

The darkness forced itself inside to taint my blood and make it sting like poison. Each memory that I try to chase away reveals my invisible scars. My arms, marked by struggling in this endless war, are folded across the chest like a protective shield against danger, but to no success. I’m paralysed and trapped within dirty sheets. I want to cry, scream, fight and be free.But I’m a naked corpse with all weaknesses and fears exposed to the world. My flesh has never been mine.

My soul was safe on the other side of the border, but now there’s nothing that stands between the darkness and me, when it comes to claim my last breath

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