Been away forever

My apologies for being abscent, but had to take time off for my health. But now I'm back in the game :D

The books are being shipped from the printer today. It feels so odd and unreal. But so amazing.

A lot has happened, as usual.

  • On August the 20th, I'll be getting a new balloon

  • On August the 31st, I'll be having a celebration for the book

  • I have done a interview over the phone for a webb-magazine, feels really awesome

  • I have visited an old place near where I grew up, from the years 16-1700. Took pictures, recorded videos and asked a lot of questions for my worldbuilding. Also got a book with facts, all for free. Gave my business-card to the guide, since I'll be using that information in the series

  • My mom and I will be visiting a nearby place where they buried kings of Vikings, to learn more about that culture and how they lived. Looking forward to it

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