Behind green eyes

When I opened Scrivener with book 2 and read through the texts, I started to wonder how I portray my character Damien in the books.

His powers are very dangerous, therefore his biggest strength. But it's also his greatest weakness, since he can't trust other people. And even if Maisie is the one needed to be rescued in book 1, I don't want her to be seen as a damsel in distress, because that's far from true. She's a broken soul in book 1 and is trying to regain control in life. When you come further in the series, she gets more confident in her role in the world, and have the courage to be the heroine of her own story. Especially in book 3 when she's forced to grow up and leave the past behind her, but first and foremost rely on her strengths and characteristics.

The last sentence of the backside for book 1 isn't there for nothing: who is the hero and who is the villain?

Nothing is as easy as it looks in this world ...

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These two pages of the Wiki has been updated :) "Damien" and "Types of Powers"

Since it's Damien's first birthday, I'll be uploading special content throughout the day connecting to him as a character, but also a bit of worldbuilding connected to him. The final treat will be the