Uppdaterat: 15 maj 2019

You know that book I participated in? Fuck Mobbning! Not only are they paying out royalty to the authors, but they have also stopped selling the books in stores.

Instead, they sent an offer to the authors of buying the ones that are left for just 15 SEK, so we can sell them privately. I have already requested a few (or 20 :P)

I am EXHAUSTED after getting up 04.45 AM yesterday. Helped mom babysit my beloved niece for 11 hours. But it was all worth it and I would happily do it again :D

The book is now away for a last proof-read by my wonderful and patient editor before sending it for a final print. I had trouble with some stuff at the end of the book and panicked yesterday. But after sleeping on it, I thought of a great solution that only required some small editing of a few chapters. But now my gut feels alot better :D

Now away to the bridges by the harbour and just relax before starting with illustrations for the trailer :D

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