Friend or foe?

The typical in every book, fantasy in particular, is that it follows a certain pattern. In there, there's a hero and a villain like 99% of the time. A good character winning over the bad.

Thanks to my Asperger, I can break down pretty much anything in the world to logical patterns if I study it detailed enough. In my work of making my characters better I fell in to a bit of a new special-interest and read about human behaviour, both good and bad. I read about different religions, myths in the world, cultures and so on. Then, I went to the stuff that is considered bad: the dark side of man. How serial-killers reasons and feel.

When I watched the documentary with Jeffrey Dahmer, I looked away from his actions. I have the ability to shut off and turn on my feelings the way I want and when I watched the documentary I turned off. I focused on his emotions, motives and perspective.

Earlier I saw the world as black and white and I often reason that way in my own choices in life. But everyone isn't like me and the world isn't as easy like in the world of books. In the real world there are no decided heroes or enemies. Everything depends on what kind of perspective you have.

If I would have a villain in Stolen, it would be Caleston. I have watched videos with advice on how to make a good villain. But I have kept myself away from that on purpose, because Caleston isn't written to be a villain, but a complex antagonist. Caleston isn't written to be a good villain. In the end of the text on the back of the book, it says: who's the villain and who's the hero?

That's exactly the feeling I want to portray. Who's who, it's up to the reader to decide.

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