I was thinking about a comment I got about my book long ago: "this book seem to have a religious theme?"

I honestly don't know where I stand in that question. Or, yeah, I do. I just don't know what it's called.

I believe in the evolution, Big Bang, ect. But at the same time, I believe in a higher power. I believe in ghosts, aliens and that there are things in the universe we are not meant to understand. I don't believe in God like a physical person, like many religions seem to do. I believe it's the name we ourselves gave to the powers in universe that makes everything go around. Mankind have always been obsessed with understanding things, something physical to believe in. We say we have discovered something, but who knows how long it's been here without us knowing? It shows in everything. There are moments where you can't put your emotions in words. They are just there, existing and speaking to you with words no human tongue can express.

All people have different personalities, values, taste and opinions. It also means that every person perceive the world around us in a different way. Therefore, there are no "wrong" way of looking at the world. There are no wrong religions and nothing wrong with being an atheist. If anyone has experienced things in life that makes them convinced that they have a guardian angel, why do certain people try to destroy it? The guardian angel maybe don't exist physically, no one knows. But it gives the person the feeling of confidence. It's dangerous without the guardian angel, but the thought of it make the person feel that it isn't impossible to go through with the task. No matter what you believe in the world, it's the right way for that person.

What I'm against when it comes to belief and religion, something I'm trying to portray in my book, is when you use your belief for horrible actions. I'm not questioning religion in the book; I'm questioning when religion is being used as a shield to act the way you want. If you did the things without doing it in the name of God, you'd be called a sinner, that you would go to Hell, being possessed by the Devil or whatever. But as soon you say it's in the name of God, it's Holy all of a sudden.

It's not religion I'm against - it's fanatics, being extreme. When someone claims being fanatic in their religion, they are fooling themselves. Everything in the world is about power; who have most of it and how to handle it. It's something that repeats itself throughout history several thousand years back. It seems like humanity never learn from its mistakes. When it has gone long enough for those living during that time is dead, that no one alive remembers it, the pattern repeats itself.

So once and for all; my book is not about trash-talking religion. It's to question fanatics, power and how our mind can be twisted by it.

We are a lot more fragile than we believe.

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