I'm born again

Long time, no see.

I have gotten feedback from four readers: one 4/5 and the other three? 5/5.

I am born again after reading all of the kind words. Such as "wow", "everything in this book is just so great", "the first book in a long time that really lived up to my high expectations."

That, in those words, are the reason I worked so hard. Why I have gone the extra mile with beta-readers, editors and the like. Those words I have read these past few days is the reason I keep going with this.

All the times I just wanted to throw everything away, to let someone else ghost-write it ... all of it, beneath all those words of praise, lies the biggest joy of all: the true, genuine feeling of everything, everything, everything, EVERYTHING, has been worth fighting for. Not just in my writing, but in life. All the tears, all the blood, pain and anxiety ... When I lived at the group-home, I was determined to make the struggle worth it. That there had to be a reason. And now I know the reason.

The pain was worth it. Because it has led to this.

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