... nothing was real

Have you ever felt it like you're are meant for something in life, but still doubt if it's right? I feel no need for fame. I want my privacy and I've always been very protective of my integrity.

Yet, I can't reach out with my story to the world if no one knows who I am. I have to expose myself on social media, interviews and signings if the book are going to be known. Because me personally, I don't want to be famous where everyone knows who I am.

But I still want to reach out with my stories. I want to be able to help others in the same situation like I once were and in need of another world to flee to. To forget reality. I want to reach out and make a difference. Being a celebrity isn't something that draw me in. Reaching out with my art in all shapes and colors, that's what I really want.

But how do you separate the two? Is it even possible?

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