I have spent several hours on preparing my social media accounts for marketing my career. I've created another Twitter account to separate my gaming persona from my author one. I have also done that on Tumblr and YouTube.

I have also invested in a new software for my writing. A long time ago, I was given the advice to use Scrivener instead of Word to get a better overview of my script, and it turned out to be a life-saver for my messy brain. The same company also have a software named Scapple. It helps me organize everything in a timeline. The software Aeon, that I also have, is better when it comes to timelines in years. Therefore I use Aeon for the series in its whole. But Scapple I can use for each book individually. It helps me see connections between plot points.

First I make a list with planning of each chapter.

1) Prologue - the feeling at the start of the chapter and what has happened before that led up to the events in this chapter

2) Desire - what the character wants

3) Action - what the character does to achieve the desire

4) Conflict - the obstacles that the character faces

5) Change - what changes from the last chapter and that drives the plot forward

6) Purpose - what the chapter does for the story, like what information does the reader get from this chapter that is vital to the story?

7) Ending - what feeling that is at the end of the chapter

If the chapter begins with a good feeling, the feeling at the end should be bad to make the reader experience more feelings during the journey. Example; in the first chapter of "Stolen", it's Maisies point of view. The feeling she has in the beginning is terrified. Since it starts with a bad feeling, the goal is to end the chapter on a good one.

Now it's finally time to actually write :P

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So much is going on I can barely keep up! I have had treatments for my damaged nerve since beginning of December and it feels better than it has done in years. Almost normal! I'm also going to move to