After a time of writer's block, things are going better with the second book Marionetten.

The name for book 4 is now the permanent one, so now all the books have names. Feels awesome!!

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Break Free

So much is going on I can barely keep up! I have had treatments for my damaged nerve since beginning of December and it feels better than it has done in years. Almost normal! I'm also going to move to

Holy Ground

Been a long time since I wrote, but a lot of stuff has been going on. First, shortly after my last post, I came down with the flu. Then my left arm started to act up even worse than before. My damaged

The Wiki-page

I'm doing some changes on the wiki-page, because I noticed I gave away too much info that would've spoiled the rest of the series. So, I'm only going to add info that has already been revealed in book