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Big changes going on. My own company has been registered, I have gotten some ISBN-numbers to my books, the cover is really progressing... Things are almost going to quickly.

I have come to realize that with so much stuff happening, I need to plan my days better. Since I no longer have nothing to do during the days, I don't have limitless time like I used to.

So I have decided that on Monday up until Friday, I will be focusing everything on the books, the social media for my author platform (YouTube-channel, Website, Tumblr and the other places) and my company, including studying marketing and the business part of it all. I will have to make it a priority when it comes to projects. Of course, the health of me and my cats are number one, but I have to work on the books whenever I can.

But I have to be able to rest too. So, the evenings will be for me; watching TV or a movie, playing games, reading, and so on. The same with Saturday and Sunday. Nothing with writing or drawing for the books, nothing with the company. Just doing what I want to do. So, during the weekends I will most likely work on the gaming-tributes. I won't upload them as soon as they are done, however. I will put them on a queue so I can have something to upload once every month. If I do it that way, I won't feel stressed about neglecting it.

When I can find the time and energy for it, I will also take charge of learning to do my own music. Because a large part of doing tributes is finding the right music. I can spend an entire day just browsing YouTube for it. For some tributes, it has taken months to find it. If I can make it myself, I will save A LOT of time.

This also means I have to reduce my time with the help of my apartment. I'm going to remove Wednesday for one part, so I'll only have it Monday and Friday.

The other help I will cut back on the amount of time they are here every day. Today Monday for example; I have from 13.30 to 15.15 to just hang out and have fun. I want to cut it down to have just a half hour so that they can make sure I do the "must-things": Medications, the cats, dishes and so on. The same with the other days except for Wednesday when it's time to wash clothes.

I'm not used to having this much on my plate. But I love it :D just need to adjust to it :)

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