To die for

One thing I'm afraid of when it comes to show when my characters are sad, is that it becomes over the top. Melodramatic.

When I'm not writing on the book itself, I'm planning around it and watch so many videos on YouTube with tips on different things: how to make your audience/readers cry, writing fight-scenes, setting a scene, describe a persons appearance, etc.

I love to learn when it comes to stuff that I'm passionate about, like with my gaming tributes. It's both easier and more difficult with writing.

To learn and improve with the videos, I studied tributes other people had done, what type of techniques they used in different areas of the video. Eventually, after I had practiced it paid off. A lot of the projects I used to practice were never finished and uploaded on YouTube.

When it comes to writing, there's a lot more things you need to focus on. The hardest part of making videos is not the actual editing, but the things before. The thing I hate most, is actually finding the right music. When that is found, I need to find the right dialogues, and it's not that hard. When it's time to edit with scenes, it's actually very easy. The things you need to focus on, is pacing and distance between dialogues, how it matches with the music and how it all goes together with the scenes I'm using. I've never had any trouble finding the right type of scenes and animations with music. It's just something I see in front of me.

Writing is easier because there's a certain pattern you follow throughout the book. So there are rules you can follow. What's difficult is that you have to make up everything yourself. In the videos I make, the material is all there. I just put them together. In writing, it's up to me to figure everything out. All that involves with characters, plot, subplots... all of it.

It's the most challenging part of it and the most fun at the same time. So, like I said, when I'm not writing on the actual book, I do research and study about it.

In a few hours I'll be out to get a massage, and I really need it. Then, I'm free until Monday. And I've decided that I'm going to spend that time to actually write on the book, not just plan around it and how to market it later :P

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