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My brain and imagination is a blessing just as much as it is a curse...

I've been working on a sub-plot for a few days, but haven't been able to solve it in a good way. Talked with a friend of mine, a fellow author no less, and talked about some ideas. And when we came up on how to do, my thoughts rushed away ahead of me.

The results? The beginning of a second series in Evalanty :P but it'll be in a different part than the one in the current series. It'll be a completely different plot, different types of creatures that won't be in this series, and of course new characters. Well, mostly. There will be some from the first series and the new ones will have a connection to them in different ways.

It's insane... I'm at the end of finishing the first book in the first series and it's been in the making for about 13 years... and I'm already thinking about the books I'm going to do outside of the series... Some books on the side that belongs to a certain book in the series. For example; Stolen, will have a book on the side that shows character-profiles, illustrations, necessary codex that won't fit in the book, etc. That kind of book will also be for the second book and so on. And, on top of that; some characters have such an interesting back-story that they deserve a book for themselves :P

That is just for the first series... imagine that I plan to do the same with the second one :P well, I don't need to tell you that this is my life, my breathing; I can't live without creating stories.

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